Sophia’s Soft Knits

The essentials needed for knitting

Sophia graduated in 2018 from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Textiles, specialising in knitting. She first set up her stall, Sophia’s Soft Knits, while finishing off her final pieces for Uni and it has gone from strength to strength, expanding into other areas of soft furnishings as well as DIY kits. She also stocks craft kits to make animals from felting, crochet and cross stitch – not forgetting the eco-friendly 100% cotton yarn range in beautiful colours and gradients. So if you’re about to start your masterpiece or need that finishing touch, Sophia’s Soft Knits has all the goods to make your design shine.

You can order bespoke cushions, blankets and scarves made from the finest Merino wool as well as other wool mixtures. If you would like something in particular, maybe a special soft toy for a little one, come along to the store or contact us using the details below and we’ll discuss what you would like, what size and what materials to use.

Alternatively you can purchase the yarns and equipment yourself to knit your own creation. If you would like some help with getting started or want to learn a new trick or two, we run knitting and craft courses throughout the year. Kids are more than welcome to come along.

For younger children, we have some crafting kits, pencils, pens, felt tips, colouring books and more to keep them occupied. If they would like to try knitting or cross sticking, we also have some starter kits and patterns that use plastic needles without the sharp points. Adult alternatives include; adult coluring books, circular weaving patterns, bracelet making kits and more.

Sophia De Beer leading her knitting class 

To find out more, contact Sophia on:

Mobile:         07972 529453

or visit

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday:                        8:30 – 17:00
Saturday:                        8:30 – 17:00
Sunday:                        8:30 – 16:30

*excluding public holidays